Preparing for this year's Social Justice sermon series, I (Pastor Ben) have become more aware of how sheltered I am and we (church) are. For the most part, we have done this to ourselves. We are not thinking or caring enough about the people around the world; how they have been or are being treated right now. We are called to become "THE Light on a HIll” - sharing the love of Christ by serving others. So I asked the question, "Is it Justice to think of JustUS?" When I started reading Amos, I became more convicted and at a loss at the same time. Convicted how by hiding our heads in the sand, we are part of the problem. I became convicted that our Lord cares for ALL people, not just those who call Him, Lord. So, let's find out how we can go beyond thinking about just us and begin to draw from the gifts of many; coming up with actions of grace, mercy and love. In this together, Pastor Ben
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