Ways to Help Others

Listen, Learn, Process. Act.

Understand Biblical Justice! Then, take a simple act of faith!

  1. Participate in "Refund, Restore & Reimagine Oakland" Monday, 4/19 from 5:00pm - 6:30pm. This is a panel and listening session for the faith community to hear from Oakland faith leaders from impacted communities and Oakland City Council President Nikki Fortunato Bas and District-3 City Council-member Carroll Fife about their vision for public safety in Oakland. RSVP Here: bit.ly/FaithReimagineOakland
  2. Learn more about a local organization, Faith in Action and consider supporting their cause. Help get masks for the people.
  3. Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity - advocacy toolkit for releasing vulnerable folks in ICE detention. Take action to help free people from ICE
  4. Have conversations with family and friends about Black Lives Matter and anti-racism, and process together. Be bold in learning together.
  5. Read books on faith, race, and social justice.
  6. Support Black-owned restaurants around the Bay Area: https://projects.sfchronicle.com/2020/black-owned-restaurants/
  7. Donate to and follow local organizations doing direct work to address racial injustice: https://www.surjbayarea.org
  8. Follow, learn about, and participate in the Movement for Black Lives: https://m4bl.org/week-of-action/
  9. Offer to bless a neighbor, a senior or friends who are unable with errands, yard work, a phone call or cook and share a meal with them.
  10. Project Peace is supporting OIHS Oakland International High School. They are hoping the faith community can help out with some much needed baby supplies.
One of our seniors, Jimmy K