10 Ways to Help Others

Listen, Learn, Process.

Take time this week to watch, listen, learn and give pause. In order to know how to "help" or find what our role is, this is crucial! Understand Biblical Justice!

  1. Things to watch (just a start!): "13TH" (Netflix), "Just Mercy" (available for free https://www.justmercyfilm.com/), "When They See Us" (Netflix)
  2. Watch PBS's "Asian American" documentary series for a crash course on Asian American history. It's important to ground our current moment in history.
  3. Have conversations with family and friends about Black Lives Matter and anti-racism, and process together. Be bold in learning together.
  4. Read books on faith, race, and social justice.
  5. Support Black-owned restaurants around the Bay Area: https://projects.sfchronicle.com/2020/black-owned-restaurants/
  6. Donate to and follow local organizations doing direct work to address racial injustice: https://www.surjbayarea.org/community.html
  7. Follow, learn about, and participate in the Movement for Black Lives: https://m4bl.org/week-of-action/
  8. Offer to bless a neighbor, a senior or friends who are unable with errands, yard work, a phone call or cook and share a meal with them.
  9. Project Open Hand has it's Grocery Center open Mon-Fri. Shifts are needed 10:00 am - 2:00 pm as well as small groups to repackage dried foods from 2:00-4:00 pm.Go to their website for more info. Your kids want to help too? Anyone who likes making crafts are welcome to make birthday cards for Project Open Hand's clients.Click here for more info.
  10. Get inspired and support organizations like Freely in Hope.


Face Masks for Nursing Homes: Calvin Chen (our CLC high school student) successfully raised funds and exceeded his goal! In total, three thousand dollars were raised and 6,000 face masks were donated directly to Creekside Healthcare Center, Richmond Post-Acute Care, San Pablo Healthcare, and Vale Healthcare Center. When the masks were delivered all the nursing homes were extremely grateful because they are short of masks. Now they can protect the residents and the healthcare workers better.

LHNC: Some generous donations have been made to LHNC in helping with the twice a week grocery bag give-a-way. Don't forget, they'd love crayons and activity books for the kids!

Turning Point: Two home groups have provided meals for the women at CityTeam Oakland's transitional home! Plus, they donated bags of toiletries and shoes!

CLC Seniors: Many CLC seniors received gift bags filled with activities, craft supplies, and face masks! It made their day!!

One of our seniors, Jimmy K