Is It Justice to Think Only Just US?

November 6, 2022
Pastor Ben Cha
Amos 5:21-24
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Injustice permeates our world, yet as Christians we sometimes turn a blind eye to the suffering of others or become callous to social justice!

Question:   Do you agree that "Avoidance can be worse than outright hatred? "

3 Reasons why God was Judging the Northern Kingdom:  

         1. Privileged Position (Ch. 1-2)

         2. Prophetic Revelation (Ch. 3-6)

         3. Persistent Oppression (Ch. 7-9)

"But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!" (Amos 5:24.)  

Question:   What is God tugging at your heart rt. now that you are either avoiding or in disobedience, relating to social justice issues?  

Conclusion:  God's Justice is of a system that makes it possible for people to thrive in a system free of corruption that would deprive them of what they need to survive and flourish. It should be a system where merchants are honest and judges are incorruptible. And it should be a system where those who have been treated unjustly have free access to relief in court.

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