Why Desire Them?

February 9, 2020
Pastor Andrew Huang
Romans 12
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Spiritual Gifts: Divinely enabled abilities given by the Holy Spirit for the common good of the church and her mission


The Lists:

Romans 12

1 Corinthians 12

Ephesians 4


The Corinthian List


Why should we desire these gifts, including the ones on the Corinthian list?

1. Because Paul thought they were ______________ for ____________ and the common good.

2. Because they are the way we express ________ for one another.


What does it look like to earnestly desire spiritual gifts?

1. Wanting them

2. Begin with the Bible

3. __________

4. Take a test: https://spiritualgiftstest.com, access # 858756

5. Consume sound teaching and testimonies

6. Meet a need


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