Every Piece Matters BOD & 1st Testimony

October 29, 2023
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For the month of November 2023 we are having a financial campaign, "Every Piece Matters".

Q4 Action Items for Team CLC

  1. To the extent you can, push forward your giving and finish it by the end of November.
  2. Consider giving at least the same amount as last year.
  3. Participate in the “Every Piece Matters” campaign.

How to Give to the “Every Piece Matters” Campaign

  • 100 donations for $850 each, in addition to regular giving.
  • Breeze/Text: select “Every Piece Matters” in the first drop-down menu then proceed as usual.
  • PPGF: after your donation, e-mail finance@christianlayman.org and let us know how many pieces you’ve claimed.
  • Online Billpay/Direct Deposit/Cash/Check: write “Every Piece Matters” on the memo line.

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Oct. 29, 2023 Bod Update & EPM 1st Testmony