Tough Times Produce Joy

April 16, 2023
Pastor Eric Venable
1 Peter 1:1-9, James 1:2-4
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Context of 1 Peter:

  • What did this mean to the original hearers of this?
  • What was their background?
  • Who wrote it? When? Why?

Themes of 1 Peter:

  • Tough times - persecution and suffering
  • Looking back - connects to the history of Israel.
  • Look forward - reminding them of the big picture of God certain future

Look through 1 Peter 1:3-9:

  • Start (vs 3-5) Look forward to a great inheritance & salvation
  • Main point (vs 6) Tough Times are a reality “grief for a little while “
  • Ends (vs 7-9) Tough faith = genuine faith refined like gold & ultimate joy

1. We need a bigger story

  • Looking forward and looking back at what God has done and will do salvation

2. We need hard times?

  • Because everything gets stripped away and it’s just you and God?
  • We have to contend for our faith
  • He moves us our relationship out of being transactional = one dimensional

3. We need deep resilient tough faith

  • Peter “your faith is proven genuine” & “you will receive honor“

What are the top two things in your life that concern you the most?

Reflections to think about:

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Apr. 16, 2023 Worship Service