Tough Times Produce Holiness

April 23, 2023
Pastor Eric Venable
1 Peter 1:10-25
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Your calling is holy.


  • Holy in Scripture usually refers to God’s nature, His majesty, His transcendence
  • “Holiness” contrast the sacred to everything common and profane.
  • Holiness in the NT means “To be set apart”
  • As an adjective in Scripture “holy” refers to God and what belongs to him

Your call is to be Holy.

Of the tough times they faced, how many were from deciding to take their own direction? 

Or agree with their own cultural direction?

Shadow Mission:

“A shadow mission is an authentic mission that has been derailed, often in imperceptible ways. Part of what makes the shadow mission so tempting is that it’s usually so closely related to our gifts and passions. It’s not 180 degrees off track; it is just 10 degrees off track.”

“If we fail to embrace our true mission, we will live out our shadow mission. We will let our lives center around things that are unworthy, selfish and dark.”

John Ortberg

Holiness will shape your Tough Times or Tough Times will shape your “Holiness”

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Apr. 23, 2023 Worship Service