Thunk It, Done it!

January 16, 2022
Pastor Calvin Yim
Matthew 5:19-26
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Don't Murder! Realistically not many of us will ever disobey this command, but Jesus takes this to another level, telling us to be mindful of the spirit of the law and not the letter of the law. To be self-aware of how we handle our anger specifically.

That to think evil thoughts about someone, we have in some degree committed a crime against the other person. Instead Jesus calls us to be peacemakers in our relationships, be a uniter and not a divider.

From our passage Jesus tells us:

1. Anger is the same as murder, and subject to judgment.

2. Have self-awareness in our relationships. Do we unite or do we divide?  

3. Pursue Shalom (peace) in our community and world by serving others.

Challenge: Being a peacemaker will be distinctive for the world to see, and for you to experience a more full and joyful well-being.

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Jan. 16, 2022 Worship Service