The Lord of Rest

September 29, 2019
Pastor Andrew Huang
Mark 2:23-28
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The Big Idea: Jesus is not only the Lord of work, but also the Lord of rest. If there is anyone who knows how to rest, it is Jesus. (Ask Him to help you rest!)



THE STORY behind the Pharisees


The corrective that Jesus gave: The Sabbath is a gift. “It is an island of get-to in a sea of have-to.” 


One day out of seven is for your good!

1. to provide opportunity for _______ and rest from _____.



OUR STORY (in a land of high stress and low-margin)

1.What would Jesus say to us in our context?

2. Why is corporate worship a priority? 

3. What if worship doesn’t feel restful?

4. What are different ways to “rest from labor”?



Rest in His work on the Cross


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