The Greatest Message

October 15, 2017
Pastor Andrew Huang
Matthew 5:1
Audio only

What is the one main idea of this entire message? What will happen to you if we misunderstand this teaching or take away the wrong message? 

Three CLUES… The MAIN IDEA: Your _____________ must ________ that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law. 

The FORMULA: You have heard it said [blank]… 

But I tell you [blank]... What all SIX “but-I-tell-you-es” have in COMMON:

1. They are impossible to do (by yourself) 2. They are different not in quantity but in quality 

3. They are actions and attitudes that can only come from a whole new heart The MAIN APPLICATION inevitably leads you to a _____, a ______, and a whole new heart! 

So what does this LOOK LIKE? • When you go back home? 

• With an EGR person? • For parents? 

• The next time you feel unappreciated?

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