The Great Physician

April 3, 2022
Pastor Calvin Yim
Luke 4:14-30 and others
Audio only

If we are honest about it, none of us are perfect. Matter of fact, we're all broken in some way. Because of that God sent his son Jesus to be our doctor, to mend us back to wholeness. But how we want to be healed may not line up with God's plan causing us to be disappointed or even give up on God.

For that reason it helps to understand:

  1. Jesus is always compassionate in our suffering.(Matthew 9:35-36)
  2. Jesus is purposeful in his healing. (Luke 4:14-30)
  3. Where we are short-sighted, Jesus has the endgame in mind. (Luke 17:11-19)

"Jesus the Healer is the key that opens the gates of Heaven."

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Apr. 3, 2022 Worship Service