Students of Teacher Jesus

January 22, 2023
Stephen Shelnutt
Matthew 7:24-27
Audio only

Modes of “Knowing”

  1. Informational (lecture, sermon, reading, etc.)
  2. Observational (watch how the teacher/expert does it)
  3. Experiential (labs, “on the job training”, “hands on training”, practice actually doing the work that is intended, etc.)

Spiritual Disciplines

  • Fasting
  • Prayer
  • Silence 
  • Solitude
  • Giving
  • Worship 
  • Celebration
  • Sabbath (rest)
  • Study
  • Service
  • Submission
  • Simplicity

Extra Credit

  1. This week, set aside a Sabbath day off from your usual “work” and obligations
  2. During your Sabbath, set aside 2-3 hours in silence and solitude (devices off, by yourself, preferably out of the house)
  3. Read your Bible or other spiritual literature during your S&S time. Journal. Talk with God about the things occupying your thoughts. Enjoy nature around you.

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