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October 1, 2017
Pastor Andrew Huang
Matthew 4:17-22
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Why are we going through the Book of Matthew (BOM)? Intro to BOM 

• The author and his self-deprecating identifying clue (10:3) • The five sections or “chunks” 

• The original audience and purpose • The emphases of BOM: Jesus is the ________ ____ 

Two Simple Words • Leave everything behind 

• Get to know the One who is supremely worthy • How? 

I commit to reading the Gospel of Matthew devotionally for the next six months, doing my best to go through one chapter per week. A suggested method for Bible Reading: A.P.T.A.T. taken from J. Piper (Admit you can do nothing without God/Pray for help/Trust a specific promise/Act/Thank Him for His provision) 

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