Seek and Save the Lost

September 3, 2023
Pastor Ben Cha
Mark 5:1-20, Mark 4:35-37, Matthew 18:3
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"Repent for the Kingdom of God is here" illustrates Jesus' intention for us to change our inner self, our old ways of thinking, to confess our sins so that our lives are in sync with God's purpose. In the story of the demon possessed man, Jesus models this kingdom living. Come to Sunday service and hear the challenge, learn how to go the extra mile, and proclaim that Jesus has come to seek and save the lost!

  1. Kingdom living means going over to the other side

                  “As a child of God do you find it hard or difficult to believe that God loves those who are on the other side?


      2. Kingdom living means we go the Extra Miles

                  Are we willing to go the extra mile for Jesus? And just how far will we allow our faith to penetrate our lives?

      3. Kingdom living means – seeking and saving the lost.

                 What "pigs" in our lives have to be killed? What prevailing nasty habits are we still holding onto as Jesus urges us to Repent for the Kingdom of God is here?

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Sept. 3, 2023 Worship Service