April 4, 2021
4 Speakers
Mark 15:6-39; John 19; John 20:11-18
Audio only

Happy Easter, Christian Layman Church family, and friends.

The story of Jesus is the greatest story, it is the ultimate story. Christ’s big story gives life and hope to our smaller ones. We will walk you through the death and the resurrection of Christ using our own words. There will be four different presenters and each person will tell you one part of the story of Jesus and then reflect on what that means to them. Four different presenters, one unified story.

Worship Team - Caitlyn Lim, Josh Ko, Janet Song, Lauren Jiang, Matt Sitt, Gordon Yagisawa, Jared Lucas, and Rachel Lee

Community Life - Denny Lai

Original Dramatized Readings and Sharing - Pastor Calvin Yim, Pastor Andrew Huang, Will Cheung, and Deanna Wong

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Apr. 4, 2021 Easter Sunday Service