Pray Like Jesus, part 2

March 10, 2019
Pastor Andrew Huang
Luke 11:9-13
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The Problem: we only ask when we are in desperate need

In contrast, Jesus teaches that we children of a Great Father and the basic natural relationship that we have with God as Father is one of ASKING.

Luke 11:1-11

Review from last week (Luke 11:1-8)

v. 9 Why not just say “ask” why does Jesus use the threefold progression of: ask, seek, and knock? 

v. 10-11 What is the nature of “sonship” that is being revealed in these few verses? And what is the nature of the Father that is also being revealed?

So why are we not asking??

Either your vision of God and his mission is too small, or your confidence in yourself and your ability is too big.

What A Praying Life Looks Like

Start with 5 minutes a day…

Start with simple prayer

Prayer simply dies from efforts to pray about “good things” that honestly do not matter to us. The way to get to meaningful prayer for those good things is to start by praying for what we are truly interested in. The circles of our interest will inevitably grow in the largeness of God’s love… (Dallas Willard)

Turn a car ride (or a walk to class) into intercessory prayer

Reflect with thanksgiving and praise near the end of the day

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