No Pain, No Gain

September 10, 2023
Pastor Calvin Yim
Mark 8:34-38
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Do you believe that Heaven is better than this world?

Who is Jesus to you?Do you truly believe that He is good news?

Cost of Following Jesus:

  • Going opposite to the world and choosing Team Jesus, the winning side (v.34)
  • No “I” in Team (v.35)
  • “The Few. The Proud. The Kingdom People” (v.38)

Are you willing to follow Jesus if it means:

  • Losing your closest friends?
  • Alienation from your family?
  • Losing your reputation?
  • Losing your job?
  • Losing your life?


  • To follow Jesus one must take up one’s cross.
  • There is a cost.
  • “No Pain! No Gain!”
  • Eternally worth it.
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Sept. 10, 2023 Worship Service