Jesus Certified

October 8, 2017
Pastor Calvin Yim
Matthew 4:1-11
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Certified = endorsed reliable, verified, validated Before Jesus started his ministry on earth, God allowed him to be tested by Satan. Although tempted, he did not fall to temptation. 

Jesus is worthy to be our Savior. From Matthew 4, Satan tested Jesus 3 times, tempting him in 3 naturally occurring, innocent desires or needs: 

1. The Need for Sustenance (Hunger). (v.2-4)Application: Resisting Satan’s temptations requires supernatural spiritual power from the Holy Spirit and from knowing God’s Word.

2. The Need for Security (Protection). (v.5-7)Application: Trusting God means waiting on God’s timing, so that we are neither reckless nor overly cautious.

3. The Need for Significance (Power). (v.8-10)Application: When we worship and bow down to God, Satan retreats.

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