Having Difficult Conversations

July 19, 2020
Pastor Calvin Yim
John 4:4-27
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Many are asking, "How do we have those difficult talks about racial justice and racism with, say, my parents?" Well, like with a lot of things, it starts with relationship. Jesus modeled for us how to do it with the Samaritan woman in John 4. From his example, we should proximate, change the narrative, keep the hope, do uncomfortable things (from Bryan Stevenson, Just Mercy).

1. Proximate: get near to the issue, make it personal, engage in conversation, vv.4,7.        

2. Change the narrative: speak truth to counter the lies and deflection, vv.16-17, 20, 26.    

3. Keep the hope: living water (v.10), eternal life (v.14), , Messiah (v.26), opposing racism is hard, so keep on hoping, or easy to give up.  

4. Do uncomfortable things: Jesus went into Samaria (v.4), speaks to a Samaritan woman (v.9), received dismay of disciples (v.27); opposing racism will get you out of your comfort zone  

Main point: Difficult conversations are hard, so leverage relationship. Isaiah 1:17.

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