God's Blueprint: "In Our Image"

March 12, 2023
Pastor Calvin Yim
Exodus 19:1-14
Audio only

God’s Blueprint for Transformation is to live out being made “In Our Image”.

The Ten Commandments:

  1. Give us an identity.
  2. Tells us how to treat God and treat others.
  3. Is about worshipping God and dignifying other humans.

Extra Credit:

  1. Write vows to God, maybe using the traditional marriage vows as a template. And read aloud to God.
  2. Read Commandment #10:

                  Examine your desires, especially those that might fit the things mentioned.

                   Confess any to God. And ask for help to cultivate more contentment and gratefulness for what you do have.


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Mar. 12, 2023 Worship Service