God's Blueprint for Salvation

March 26, 2023
Pastor Ben Cha
Exodus 25
Audio only

One of the most important aspects in a relationship is to understand each other's intentions. God's reasoning to build the Tabernacle was to dwell among His people.  And the only place that God will meet with His people was in the person of Jesus Christ at the "Mercy Seat" -  God's Blueprint for 'Salvation!' God carfully drew up the design to commune with mankind becasue the blood of the sacrifices were sprinkled upon (Hilasterion) symbolizing Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life.  In today's message by becoming a transformed people of God, we are to not only remember and but to respond to the deeper meaning of the "Mercy Seat" God's intention for salvation to the World!

Extra Credit:

  1. At least till Easter, start making a list for those people in your immediate family who do not know the Lord and start praying for them!


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Mar. 26, 2023 Worship Service