God Delivers in the Clutch

April 26, 2020
Pastor Calvin Yim
Psalm 40, Matthew 11:28
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Have you ever felt like you were "stuck in the mud"?

You are spinning your wheels and going nowhere? Worries are strangling your life? You can’t sleep at night? Everything in your world turned upside down?

Pandemics can do that. On top of that, shelter-in-place can increase feelings of isolation, anxiety, hopelessness and depression. Loneliness was a big problem before the pandemic, and now made worse.

Are you having negative thoughts? Feeling non-essential? Your misery can’t end fast enough?

In Psalm 40, David can identify with you.

He is in the "mud" and is sinking fast. David calls out to God and in the clutch "delivers” him.

Do you want that for yourself now and forever more?

From David's experience,

1. Recognize you are in the mud and Realize God can help you out. (v.1-2)

    Denial or ignoring your dire straits is dangerous.

2. Reflect to Reset our lives. (v.6-8)

    God wants our obedience. Being stuck can get our attention fast to change.

3. Reveal hope you have to Relate to others. (v.9-10)

    Tell your own story of deliverance to others; share the “medicine”.

4. Rejoice that God is our Deliverer. (v.16-17)

    Be grateful, which helps among other things to counter hopelessness and depression.

We all need God the Deliverer. No matter what our circumstances, good, bad, or in between, we are honestly all "stuck in the mud."

When we are hurting, hopeless, desperate, we just realize it faster. God is patiently waiting for us to notice he is there for us. And that is Good News. God delivers.

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