Giving Thanks Nov 26-30

November 26, 2023
Audio only

Word - share with someone in your family three things you are thankful to God for, making the emphasis on the character of God as the outcome.

Deed - look to create something small or handmade to encourage them… or give a gift card to their favorite place.

Let's Pray

Loving God, Thank you for my family.

I lift up every relationship to You and ask for your blessing upon them. I ask that your presence would reign in their heart and mind and that each relationship would be glorifying to you. I pray for those who don’t know you. Give me words to say that will turn their hearts toward you. Help me to be salt and light to them. Soften their hearts and open their eyes to receive You and to follow You faithfully. Bless these relationships and make them strong.

In Your Holy name - Amen.

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