Desperately Seeking to Belong

October 30, 2022
Pastor Calvin Yim
Luke 19:1-10
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Zacchaeus. We all want to belong, because we have been created for community. But unfortunately people are more likely to be exclusive rather than inclusive.

Zacchaeus the tax collector was one who wanted to belong, but he was instead excluded by his own people.

  1. As an outcast, Zacchaeus desperately wanted to see Jesus. (v.2-4)
  2. Jesus sees the marginalized and his presense brings great joy. (v.5-6)
  3. Jesus came to "seek and save the lost" like Zacchaeus. (v.9-10)  

Who in your midst do you need to see?  Maybe it is even you. Come to Jesus, and if you are desperate, he will see you. Being seen brings joy to the unseen.

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