Desperately Seeking Life?

October 16, 2022
Mark 10:17-31
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The rich young ruler.  I’ll be tackling why it’s often hard for us to desperately seek after Jesus. We know it’s right or good in our heads, but for some reason there’s a disconnect when we go to live our lives. We find ourselves not desperately seeking Jesus but seeking other things, often desperately. In the case of the rich young ruler, Jesus hit the nail on the head and identified the idol of his heart - his possessions, or rather the security and self-sufficiency that his possessions provided him. This was the thing that was keeping him from following Jesus wholeheartedly and being saved (entering into the kingdom). Now the message here is not a works-based ticket to heaven. Of course, salvation and more specifically justification is a free gift of God that we could not earn. But it does require a repentance and turning from our ways and the idols of our hearts in order to allow Jesus to be Lord over all aspects of our lives.

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