Desperately Seeking Jesus

October 2, 2022
Pastor Calvin Yim
Matthew 22:37-39, Mathew 28:19-20, Mark 2:17, Jer 29:13, Matthew 5:14-16, Matthew 11:28
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Intro series: Are you Desperate? for Jesus? In this new chapter for our church, we will continue to focus on growing our faith, and pursuing our mission; we must see our church as:

1. An Emergency Room. We all come "sick."

We must have a sense of urgency to get well, even desperation to pursue God. What are you desperate for?

2. Lights. We are on the move seeking the desperate among us.

What are you seeking?

3 A Treasure Chest, where Jesus is the treasure.

What is your treasure?  

Jesus came to dwell among us, and invites us to be Christ-like. To succeed in this transformation in us,  we must be desperately seeking Jesus.

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