Desperately Seeking Forgiveness

October 23, 2022
Caitlyn Lim Shelnutt
Luke 7:36-50
Audio only

Are you desperately seeking Jesus? What does a life desperate for Jesus even look like? Join us as Caitlyn Shelnutt continues our sermon series by looking at the story of the forgiven woman in Luke 7, and reminds us of God’s boundless grace and unconditional love!

The woman with the jar of perfume. Last week we heard the story of a man who was desperately seeking life, but could not let go of the idols of his heart in order to make room for Jesus. We learned that we can’t desperately seek after Jesus if we’re desperately seeking after other things. This week we continue the series with the story of the sinful woman who  poured a jar of expensive perfume and wiped Jesus’ feet with her tears. Through her actions, we see a person who has experienced the overwhelming gift of forgiveness and is now overflowing with love and worship for Jesus… for whoever has been forgiven much, loves much. It’s not about how much we do or do not sin. It’s about how much we recognize our sin. And the more we recognize our own sin and need for a Savior, the more we are stirred to great love and gratitude for Him and what He has done! "

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