Christ the Savior

December 18, 2022
Pastor Calvin Yim
Luke 2:8-15
Audio only

Do you truly see Jesus as a Savior? The idea of a savior is likely not common for most of us today. Especially with that "can do" spirit that fosters a false sense of self-sufficiency, many don't think they need one? But there are some hardships or trials that human efforts will not overcome. That's where Jesus can save us if we let him. In Luke 2, the lowly shepherds were given this good news: 1. Jesus came to offer us salvation (v.11). From the hymn Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, "Born to give them second birth." 2. Jesus lives among us (v.12). From the hymn, "Hail, the incarnate Deity." 3. Jesus brings reconciliation with God, that gives us peace (v.14). From the hymn, "Peace on earth...God and sinners reconciled." Can we be like the lowly shepherds and accept Jesus as our savior?   Tag line: "Jesus is our savior; don't live life without Him."

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Dec. 18, 2022 CLC Worship Service