Reimagining Missions Series

How to Send Well

Jan 17, 2023


Mar 21, 2023

Online Tuesday Nights


How can we be a church that sends out missionaries well? Don't recreate the wheel - come learn from other churches and organizations who are sending out missionaries. This will be a three-part learning series, once a month starting January 17, at 8:30pm, on Zoom. Contact Gordon Wang,, for more information.

Jan 17 - Myths about missions - is everything we do missions? Does missions compete with everything else? We'll address some hard questions about missions.

Feb 21 - Ingredients for a healthy sending church - what does a church need to be able to send out missionaries in a healthy way? How have other churches done this successfully?

Mar 21 - The biblical basis for sending - Missionaries don't just go to the lost, they are sent to the lost. The Bible doesn't talk about 100 different things. The Bible talks about one thing in hundreds of different ways.