Pendo's Power Book Launch

Nov 4, 2023


Nov 4, 2023

San Francisco

Freely in Hope is excited to invite you to the launch of Pendo’s Power, our first children's book that prevents sexual abuse. Geared toward children ages 4-10, Pendo’s Power teaches age-appropriate concepts about consent, body autonomy, safe touch, and the power of their voice! Written in English and Kiswahili, children will not only learn a new language but also learn how to harness the power of their voice to speak up against sexual violence. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, auntie, uncle, or youth worker, we encourage you to join the book launch of Pendo’s Power, where you’ll learn lifesaving skills to prevent child sexual abuse in your community.

Join us! Nov. 4, 2023: 2-4 PM at the Children's Creativity Museum, San Francisco.

Early bird registration ends October 14.

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