Good Friday Service

Significance of the Cross

Apr 15, 2022


Apr 15, 2022

In our celebration of Palm Sunday and anticipation for Easter, we often forget the days in between. Like a child's bedtime story, we like to skip over the scary parts and go straight to the happy ending. But central to the gospel story is the cross, for there is no resurrection without death, no victory without sacrifice, and no freedom without suffering. As we prepare our hearts to celebrate the Risen King, we must also meditate on the significance of the cross and the Lamb who was slain. So church, we invite you to spend this Good Friday with us.

Join us at the CLC Church Office for a self-guided, interactive experience through the Stations of the Cross and walk through the events of Jesus’ last moments leading up to the cross. Come by anytime between 5-9PM and spend time praying and reflecting with your families.