Bless Your Neighbor Day


Jun 26, 2021


Sat. June 26, 2021 is a brand new, special day for showing your LOVE for our neighborhood. It involves giving, praying, and volunteering. CityTeam announces a day of Bay Area action in support of local communities, at-risk families, foster youth, and neighbors in need who face food insecurity, homelessness, and a lack of resources needed to thrive. Love Your Neighborhood Day brings together individuals, nonprofits, communities, and brands. It is a unifying moment for selfless love, generosity, giving, volunteering, prayer, and advocacy. You can show some love for your neighborhood in one of three ways during #LoveYNDay — whether it’s joining a Prayer Walk for neighbors in need, signing up to volunteer with CityTeam, or giving to one of our #LoveInAction special initiatives  — every act of love & generosity counts! Learn more now!

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