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On Sunday, April 28, 2019, Pastor Andrew Huang announced his resignation from his role as Lead Pastor of Christian Layman Church, effective June 2021. The Board of Directors and Staff at Christian Layman Church honor and fully support Pastor Andrew in his decision and his obedience to continue serving God in ministry overseas. Pastor Andrew is actively fulfilling the mission of Christian Layman Church by loving God, loving others and serving the world.

For more background and context about Pastor Andrew's decision, we encourage you to read both Pastor Andrew’s letter and the Pastor Transition FAQ:

Read Pastor Andrew's Letter

Read Pastor Transition FAQ

Updates and Communication
Christian Layman Church (CLC) has formed a Pastoral Search Committee that will do much of the heavy lifting, such as getting the word out about the position, leveraging existing networks to recruit candidates, working with a recruiter to find candidates, and vetting candidates for consideration by the Board.

In this significant season for Christian Layman Church, the Board of Directors, Staff and the Pastoral Search Team are working closely together to make sure communication is clear.

In the meantime, if you have questions, concerns, or thoughts please reach out to us via the following ways:

Pastor Search Committee Members: pastorsearch@christianlayman.org

- Yan Chin
- Yvonne Gee
- Jordan Kong
- Rick Quon (lead)
- Lynn Yagisawa

You are invited to send questions about the Lead Pastor Transition directly to the Pastoral Search Committee. As the team includes both CLC Staff and Board members, your inquiry will be forwarded on as to additional teams/people as needed.

CLC Staff Members:

- Andrew Huang
- Calvin Yim
- Caitlyn Lim
- Cecil Wong
- Lynn Yagisawa
- Marilyn Tepora
- Michelle Kaneshiro

CLC Board of Directors: board@christianlayman.org

- Yvonne Gee
- Andrew Huang
- Bruce Kaneshiro (Chairman)
- Jared Lucas 
- Deanna Wong
- Calvin Yim (Honorary member)

The table below outlines a timeline of the key phases of this transition.

Lead Pastor Transition Timeline
The timeline below roughly outlines the key phases of this transition.


  • Search committee formed
  • Job description created


  • Post job description on website
  • Reach out to networks
  • Recruiter actively reaching out

Spring 2020
/ Summer 2021


  • Interview potential candidates
  • Congregation assessment of high potential candidates
  • Hiring of new Pastoral staff member
  • Collaboration for a smooth handoff to the new Pastor (if possible)
Summer 2021

New Beginnings

  • Celebrate and send the Huang family
  • Commission of new Pastor

Lead Pastor - Job Description

Christian Layman Church is a non-denominational, predominantly Asian-American church in the San Francisco East Bay Area. 

e are seeking a forward thinking Lead Pastor to oversee the ministry and development of an intergenerational church family whose mission is to make disciples who love God, love others, and serve the world. The Lead Pastor must have prior experience in pastoral ministry and/or church leadership, and must be a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ, demonstrating the character and lifestyle of a Christian leader. The Lead Pastor will report directly to the Board of Directors.

Who You Are:

  • A devoted follower of Christ
  • A vision caster
  • A gifted teacher
  • A community builder
  • A people leader
  • An organizational leader
See job listing
Learn More About Us

To learn more about Christian Layman Church’s Lead Pastor position or about Christian Layman Church:

  • Explore our website www.christianlayman.org
  • Plan a visit, attend one of our Sunday services (or listen to some of our sermons)
  • Contact the Pastoral Search Committee at pastorsearch@christianlayman.org
  • Complete and submit the form below to receive a detailed information packet that contains the job description and church history.

Information Packet Request

*Submitting the form is NOT considered an official application; instead, it is a way for us to know a little more about you.
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