Race Literacy 101

June 17, 2020

Online course

One way to learn about race and reconciliation is to take the online Race Literacy 101 class starting June 17 - August 26. Steve Park is founder of Little Lights Urban Ministries in Washington D.C. and CLC supported him as a missionary for a few years while Little Lights was getting off the ground in 2002. He writes, "Hearing the personal stories of racial profiling and racism from African-American friends and co-workers over the years as well as researching and understanding our nation’s and the Church’s complicity in structural racism has helped me to understand why we are mired in the predicament that we found ourselves in. It is no less heartbreaking to see the pain of so many people I know who are dealing with the trauma of racialized violence and ongoing racial inequity. I pray that the Church and our nation will have the strength needed to confront the truth of our history and find a path toward real justice, reconciliation, and healing. The old saying is true, “No Justice, No Peace, Know Justice, Know Peace.” May God have mercy on us all."

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