Listening and Healing Gathering

March 1, 2020

12:30 - 2:00pm in Rm 3

Transitions bring about complicated and deep feelings; sorrow, grief, elation, sympathy, bitterness, and feelings of loss to name a few. The events of this past year have stirred up many emotions and we want you to have a space to be heard.

Your stories and your voice matters.

Yes, your stories and your voice matter. Keeping our thoughts and emotions to ourselves can feel very lonely and isolating. We desire to be a church where we can support one another in processing difficult things, openly. The goal is to increase in empathy and understanding of each other so that we can move forward stronger.

Be part of the healing.

As lay leaders in the church, we are inviting everyone (both congregation and church leadership) to share their stories, opinions, feelings and thoughts specifically in regards to the Truongs departure, and also reflections on our church's capacity of communication, decision-making, and transparency. We ask that these "letters" be sent to by Friday,

Feb. 28, 9:00pm. Then on Mar. 1, anyone who has given a written response is welcome to gather in room 3 to view the responses within small groups. We've asked the board and pastors not to attend since we don't know the full range of feelings that will be expressed and want to ensure the space is safe for everyone. Staff are welcome!

We also acknowledge that processing and healing happens at a different pace for everyone. If you feel rushed or cannot make this Sunday, we plan to continue to collect stories at and have future sessions if needed.

For more information, please click below or contact Quess via the email.

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