About Us

Who We Are

CLC is a warm, welcoming community that mixes young and old.

For families with newborns and wee-little ones, the “skybox” (cry-room) is the perfect environment. More mature? Enjoy our Pew-to-Pew chat time in the Main Sanctuary and find out what’s going on at CLC. From home group bible studies to coffee and mini-golf events, there is a lot to choose from.

We are church family with a big heart.

Sundays (What to Expect)

Our Sunday worship services are held at Grand Avenue 7th Day Adventist Church near Lake Merritt.

We have a 90 minute service and the youth/children's ministry runs at the same time (they typically get excused after the opening worship music set).

Sermons are Bible-focused and our pastors each add a bit of humor. Enjoy coffee, tea and snacks in the Fellowship Hall afterwards. Or, share lunch with us when we host Holy Chow.

Come as you are.



  • Andrew Huang - Lead Pastor
  • Calvin Yim - Associate Pastor
  • Anh Truong - Associate Pastor
    Cecil Wong - Interim Director


  • Lynn Yagisawa - Admin Director
  • Marilyn Tepora - Administrator
  • Michelle Kaneshiro - Administrator